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Understanding the Unique Muay Thai Belt System

Ever wonder how rank or training level is rated in Muay Thai? Many people often wonder if there really is such a thing as a Muay Thai belt system. Though known to be as powerful and as popular as karate, judo, taekwondo and other disciplines in Martial Arts, traditional Muay Thai does not really have […]


Muay Thai Drink Smoothies: Sustaining Energy For Training And Competition

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, a newbie or have been with the sports for decades, it cannot be denied that Muay Thai training schedules can be quite rigorous. Every fighter will be subjected to various training routines that will test his or her prowess using the nine limbs technique. This goes to […]


Top 10 Muay Thai Movies Every Newbie Must Watch

Think there’s no point in watching these top 10 Muay Thai movies? Think again. The benefits of watching a movie about the sport you love is quite immense. Aside from the relaxing feeling in the company of friends or in your lonesome as a favorite actor-kickboxer battle bad guys in a larger than life spectacle, […]


Retro Muay Thai Shorts: Long In History, Big In Style

Starting a training program in Muay Thai and don’t know what to wear? Would you like to go the traditional route and wear something that’s worthy of the sport? With more and more celebrities sporting retro Muay Thai shorts, so does the influx of supplies in different designs flood the Western market. But just because […]