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10 Coolest, Baddest Female Muay Thai Fighters of All Time

Despite being an ultra-violent sport, Muay Thai continues to gather a huge following of women around the world. In fact, there have been unforgettable names of female Muay Thai practitioners, also referred to as nak muay.


Best Muay Thai Drink Recipes

A Muay Thai workout is very intense and it can easily burn over 1,000 calories. It takes a lot of discipline to be a Muay Thai practitioner. It involves making healthy lifestyle choices. Meals are an important aspect of training. Practitioners should have a nutrient-packed pre-workout and post-workout meal. Part of any good workout meal is hydration. Having a solid drink before, during, and after training is essential as it replenishes all the fluids and nutrients that have been lost during the session.


The History of Muay Thai Documentary

The History of Muay Thai DocumentaryWhat is Muay Thai?Muay Thai is a form of martial art that originates from Thailand.  It is deeply embedded in Thai culture and is the country’s national sport. It is a hand-to-hand form of combat, making use of the entire body as a weapon. Muay Thai is also known as the martial art of “Eight Limbs.”


Muay Thai Vs. Karate: Understanding the Basic Difference

Are you looking for a sport or discipline that you can use in practical terms, such as self-defence or a prelude to a possible career in MMA? It is likely that you have heard about the Muay Thai vs. Karate notion, especially since it has been a topic for debate for years. It holds true that both are prevalent in their own rights and have gazillions of enthusiasts across the world. That is why choosing which one over the other can be a difficult feat to overcome.


How Much Does It Cost To Train Muay Thai In Thailand?

How Much Does It Cost To Train Muay Thai In Thailand? Muay Thai – also known as Thai Boxing – was not as highly celebrated before as it is now. In fact, its explosion of popularity in recent years could be due to MMA and UFC. A lot of sports fans have taken a keen interest in learning this type of mixed martial arts. People are starting to believe in the idea of learning to defend themselves and staying fit. These are just two of the many reasons why this training is rapidly growing in popularity.